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CARF The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission

A Hallmark of Quality

You may have heard someone talking about CARF...

You may have seen a CARF accreditation certificate displayed proudly in an organization...

You may have wondered what it means to you that the programs and services you use are CARF accredited...

What is CARF?

CARF... The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission is a private, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote quality services for people with disabilities and others in need of rehabilitation. It does this by establishing and using standards of quality for rehabilitation services to determine how well an organization is serving its customers and how it can improve.

CARF’s standards are developed with input from consumers, rehabilitation professionals, state and national organizations and third-party purchasers. These standards guide an organization to capably and competently serve its consumers and address their needs.

What Does It Mean To Be Accredited?

The programs and services you use that are accredited by CARF have demonstrated that they substantially meet nationally recognized standards. An on-site survey is conducted by knowledgeable professionals in the field. The survey offers the organization’s personnel an opportunity to consult with CARF surveyors to enhance the delivery of quality services. Input from consumers is obtained during the on-site survey process.

CARF accreditation reinforces your trust and confidence that an organization has made a major commitment to enhance the quality of its services and programs which focus on positive outcomes for you, the consumer.

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