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IOM Reports Information and Outcomes Management Reports

For the past several years, Schuylkill Rehabilitation Center (SRC) has analyzed relevant data to measure the outcomes of our patients who received rehabilitative services. The data is kept confidential to the specific names of those persons. This information helps SRC track such factors as change in the patient’s functional health status during their episode of care, number of visits per episode of care, change in the patient’s functional health status per visit, number of days in an episode of care, and patient satisfaction.

Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes(FOTO) at Schuylkill Rehabilitation CenterIn July 2008, Schuylkill Rehabilitation Center implemented a new Outcomes Management program called Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes or FOTO. This program utilizes a nationwide outcomes database for medical rehabilitative providers and affords SRC the ability to be nationally benchmarked with other progressive facilities across the country. This network is not only the largest external database for rehabilitation but also a JCAHO (Joint Commission’s) accredited Outcomes Measurement System.

Our outcomes program is performed on a touch-screen computer and provides the patient with a health status questionnaire to be completed at admission, during various intervals of treatment, and at discharge. A Registration Clerk is also available to answer any questions the patient may have in regards to his/her questionnaire. At Intake, a narrative patient history is produced and once the survey is completed, a Patient Specific Report is immediately generated for the clinician’s review, making the initial evaluation more efficient. During treatment, a trend report is available at any time which graphically depicts the progress of the patient during treatment. This report will also compare the patient’s progress to the risk-adjusted national aggregate for functional change and patient satisfaction. At discharge, the result of care is recapped and then compared to a risk-adjusted group of similar patients from across the country. There is also a comparison of the efficiency of treatment (visits and duration) and a detailed summary of patient satisfaction.

After discharge, SRC mails a 90 day follow-up questionnaire to assess the patient’s functional status at that time. The patients’ functioning levels ninety-days after discharge is measured through the patient’s report stating whether they improved, remained unchanged in their functioning, or are functioning less than at discharge in each of the functional assessment areas.

In order to receive our external comparison reports, our data is submitted to the national database network on a monthly basis. The monthly reports are then risk-adjusted by care type, body part/impairment category, severity, age, and acuity. We then receive a quarterly report based on the following Care Types: Orthopedic, Industrial, Neurologic, Speech, and Cardiovascular. The persons served are then categorized by: Age, Acuity, Body Part/Impairment, Co-morbidity Profile, Fear Avoidance, Gender, Payment Source, Severity, and Surgical History.

The efficiency of our program is a measure of the adequate use of financial resources as measured as a ratio of the average change in the patients functioning and total number of visits. Effectiveness of our program is a measure of the adequacy of services to reach goals as measured by a ratio of the average change of the patient’s functioning and total duration of services. The satisfaction of the person served is measured at discharge and 90 days post discharge.

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